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Honky Tonk piano player
“You’d put up with anything for that hour and a half…”

After 15-year search, Nashville mom finds son in pauper’s grave
“It’s like life just stood still for me…”

Music city songwriter buried in pauper’s grave
“He loved the art of music…”

The Poor Souls
“Since 1798, Nashville has buried its poor and forgotten in paupers’ graves.”

The historic legacy of North Nashville
“I love this area, it’s a part of my soul…”

Church on a dead-end street
“… you come to this church … you have to turn your life around.”

Locals seek help for homeless man with cancer living in a tool shed
“…thank God I’ve got a roof over my head and I’ve got a place to stay warm…”


Retiree turns hobby into art
“…everyone in my family went crazy over it and wanted one. Well, then I was hooked…”

Halfway house gives a second chance
“I knew that I was alone in this world, I knew that I didn’t have anywhere to go…”