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Music city songwriter buried in pauper’s grave
“He loved the art of music…”

After 15-year search, Nashville mom finds son in pauper’s grave
“It’s like life just stood still for me…”

The historic legacy of North Nashville
“I love this area, it’s a part of my soul…”

Video essay: Summertime

The Poor Souls
“Since 1798, Nashville has buried its poor and forgotten in paupers’ graves.”

Locals seek help for homeless man with cancer living in a tool shed
“…thank God I’ve got a roof over my head and I’ve got a place to stay warm…”

Church on a dead-end street
“… you come to this church … you have to turn your life around.”

Honky Tonk piano player
“You’d put up with anything for that hour and a half…”

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