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Call or Email to Schedule: dvai@yahoo.com 865-850-8675

So you have an (D)SLR but aren’t quite sure what to do with it?  Or you just want to know more about photography and take better photos of the people and moments in your life. 

At times it’s felt like there wasn’t a day that went by that someone stopped me in the field and asked a technical question. One of the biggest changes in the last 15 years has been the rise of the prosumer camera and the availability of photography to all. Unfortunately, it also means that cameras can seem more complex and the manuals more so.

But all committed photographers know that the technical part is just half, even less than half, of the equation. There’s so much more to photography- light, composition, the moment,  paying attention to what you see and how to make that into a photograph.

1 hr Instruction Personalized Instruction$75
Group Lessons. Minimum 5 people. Gather friends or wait for a group of five. $30

I decided to offer lessons to share the basics of photography, whether you want to figure out camera settings or know more about the creative process.

So often, I’ve had the benefit of years of experience or a community of fellow photographers. I’d like to offer that experience of  sitting down with a photographer and figuring out what you need to know.

What you can learn:
•Photography: color, light, composition, depth of field, leading lines. Waiting for the light or making the most of the light you have. Paying attention to what you see and how photography can reflect your inner-self. Portraits, objects in motion from sports to kids, family photos, food, landscapes.
•Camera Stuff: This info can be basic to more advanced depending on your level. The building blocks of each frame- ISO, aperture, shutter speed, focus. DSLR users: How to take your camera off the P (programmable/auto mode), use more settings and why auto doesn’t always work. Advanced: depth of field, dragging the shutter, white balance, focus techniques, sports.
•Using Flash/Balancing Flash: using on-camera or off-camera flash and avoiding the deer in headlights look.
•Lenses: wide, macro, zoom. – I can usually give some advice on what you might need and costs. 
•Ask away: tell me what you want to know! No question is too basic.

What you won’t learn:
•Every single setting or accessory on every camera: For that, you need a camera store rep. I currently use Nikon, Fuji and my iphone but used Canon for years. The basics of cameras are mostly the same. If you have a specific question that I can’t answer, I’ll try to find out for you.